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    Amazing Mindful Kids is an interactive and energetic approach for children to learn and practice mindfulness based meditation.

    Children will experience a self awareness that will enhance positive development, decreasing anxiety and fostering connection and loving choices. Our system embodies many a traditional and modern take on meditation and for the children, facilitates a greater understanding of themselves and others, encouraging kindness and empathy. 

    Our program's focus especially at the moment is on engaging our clients in person or via Zoom. Teaching techniques for managing the change that's all about us during Covid. Helping families create space for each other and offering support through various techniques that may include meditation and breath work.

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    Enquire for your pre school now

    We customise programs for your schools dynamic.

    Engaging 3-5 year olds with fun interactive techniques for calm and focus
    Look at a program that will really amaze you, your kids and their parents !

    Jennifer Kolari: The CALM Technique and Child Brain Development


    Combat your teen's anxiety's and worries.

    Private sessions to assist your child and give them the tools to find their space and confidence during exams and times of stress.

                    Sessions via Zoom

                Enquire for family sessions 



    The Kid President: 

    An Open Letter To Mums 

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