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Teaching Mindfulness Meditation to children 


Why Amazing Mindful Kids ?


Our kids are AMAZING little beings, and love, happiness and resilience are key to a healthy positive upbringing.


I'm really passionate about every child's right to a happy well adjusted childhood and hope like many others that this translates throughout our commmunities at large, through not only family and education but empathy understanding and awareness.


I feel mindfulness and meditation both in and out of school is an integral part of giving our children the tools for awareness and self regulation.


Mindfulness and meditation creates a framework that bring insight to children with empowerment and the ability to connect with themselves and understand their feelings. It is indeed a gift for a child to see that their reactionary behaviors and situations can instead be replaced with calm, fortitude and resilience to life's challenges.


We live in a very rushed world, where we push down our feelings in order to get on "with things".


Hence, we are living in dis-ease, and our children are following close in our footsteps.

Wouldn't it be great if we could ensure that our children are expressing, connecting and working through life's daily ups and downs, trauma and stress with ease.


Children are so very in the moment and actually more present than we are as adults !

Ask any child and they actually know the word stress and articulate it just a little too well.

I suppose the very fact they see what stress is, means they also are also open to discovering ways to deal with it too.


Kids in our classes embrace the varied breathing exercises, games and the awareness they experience. Children love that they actually do have a little control over stressful or difficult situations and embrace the practice of calming themselves by paying careful attention and noticing with all their senses.


                                          What do our programs offer?


Whilst sitting still for a great length of time is near impossible for kids, the seeds are being planted in preparation for the practice of being fully present.

The very fact a child can learn to 'check in' with how they are holding tension in their bodies, and be aware of how immediately emotions affect their bodies, puts them leaps and bounds ahead of most adults who only yearn that kind of awareness and self care.


Our classes are fun and engaging, we incorporate playing at Meditation through, games, craft activities, yoga, exercises, sound, and feeling energy in our bodies.


Children are very aware of how getting upset or feeling stressed, affects their bodies. With this training your children will learn self nurturing techniques and a healthier respect for themselves and others.


Butterflies in their tummies, headaches, inability to settle at night, and anxiety are just a few of the effects of our busy, rushing, technology fueled lifestyles.


Meditation gives children the space to just 'be'. Learning to connect to their breath and acknowledge that it's ok to have the feelings they experience.


I'm really excited to bring our programs to your community, school, or facility

and create a program that indeed meets your needs.

Please email me to get started and bring something great into your kids lives.


Wishing you peace and calm in all you do :)




Encouraging children to PLAY at meditation 

Practice  - meditation, experience peace kindness & resilience

Learn      - mindfulness & relaxation practices, achieve self awareness

Activate  - energy and action into everyday life

You         - know how amazing YOU are!


Children will learn tools to help them self regulate, experience peace and the benefits are numerous. Children will experience more empathy and gratitude and below is but a small list of positive outcomes.


• Less anxiety

• Better concentration

• Better behavior choices

• Ability to self soothe and regulate

• Body awareness

• How to be happy grounded children

• Better sleep

• Better decisions


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