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Hello kids, welcome to Amazing Mindful Kids Easter meditation Workshop.

We have four 2 hour courses for you to choose from, either come for one class or why not enjoy all four.

Spaces are limited so book early to avoid disapointment.


Registration instructions:

1. Click on link below



2. Download and print the form

3. Fill in the form and have mum or Dad sign please

4. press the payment button choice, 1 class or all 4 


1 Class  


2 Class


3 Class  


4 Class


5. Confirmation will be emailed when payment received

6. Bring the original signed form with you to the workshop


NOTE: Form should be signed and sent back via email or text at time of payment please. PLUS we will also need the original signed copy brought with you on the day, otherwise you will have to have mum or dad fill in another form before you can attend. Sorry it's the law.... 

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